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This approach makes sense. The only indication of your new name will appear on your marriage certificate. If you later change your mind and want to hyphenate, this option will remain available as long as you specify it in due time in the marriage certificate application. But this is not a universal truth. Several states have deadlines for name changes. With fines. But their method of coercion is often murky and flaky. Changing your name after marriage for your lease is pretty simple: call your landlord! You may want to see your marriage license and driver`s license, but they will let you know over the phone. When I applied for our marriage certificate, I didn`t just let his father choose, so I thought: Oh, I`ll change it later. It`s true? Now I`m waiting for our marriage certificate, but I`m upset that it doesn`t have my married name. I want everything to be with my new married name. Hello! I live in California and when we applied for our marriage certificate, I gave my husband`s first name, middle name, and last name as my new last name.

I really regret not giving my maiden name as my new centre. By purchasing a LegalShield legal plan, a lawyer for LegalShield providers can help you with an undisputed name change. Once you have registered and made a request for consultation, a lawyer for the provider will contact you within hours. After a conversation about your needs, your attorney will tell you about the process in accordance with your state`s laws. They create the documents and make sure they are submitted correctly. LegalShield is here to provide you with the legal help you need, so contact us today. We`d love to hear from you. Here is an example of actual comments posted on these pages thinking of the wonders of skipping this difficult name change. You can do this as soon as possible. Well, once you have certified copies of your marriage certificate in your hand (see below).

But keep in mind that the name change takes time after the marriage process — for many people, it can take a year or more to complete a full transition — so don`t get frustrated if it looks like it will take forever. (Another great option is HitchSwitch, a service that literally takes care of all the hassle of name changes.) If I decide not to officially change my last name to his (not on my ssn and DL etc. ), my immigration documents would still have my last name as my current last name. I read that I need I-90, but it takes a long time to get a new green card. So how long can I travel with my green card on my ex-husband`s last name if my passport is already in my maiden name? 🙌 Thank you we plan to file our taxes together this year, and I want to try to change my name to Social Security and DMV in the next month, but I`m worried that it will affect my taxes. Do you have any idea about that? So that would mean I can let go of the irrational fear of getting into trouble with the government for not changing my name? We`ve reached out to several DMVs to ask what happens if you don`t change the name on your driver`s license in X days to match what`s on your Social Security card, as stated on their websites and state laws. So I wouldn`t do anything and use my names as usual, right? Since each step of the name change process can take a few weeks, it`s best to start as early as possible, especially if you need a new form of identification for an upcoming or similar trip. Hello! I want to get married soon and I want to change my name later. Honestly, I`m still thinking about it. I intend to separate my marriage certificate, but wait until I am ready to legally change my name.

Here`s our step-by-step guide to getting started with the name change process after marriage. After these first five steps, you can approach the rest of the checklist in any order that works best for you, but you should stick to the order of steps we`ve outlined here. Hi Susan. The deadline for name change in Florida is 30 days between updating your Social Security card and driver`s license. Hi Heather. DMV name change rules vary by state. The DMV you consulted explains that it needs a new legal name change document to process a subsequent name change. You cannot reuse your marriage certificate.

You are left with the option of applying to the court for a name change and making that court order to the DMV. You`ll definitely come across smaller accounts and subscriptions with your old name over time – feel free to update them if you come across them. Once you eliminate the important things, the rest will fall into place. When I got married, I checked the box and indicated that I would use my spouse`s last name, but I never changed it to dmv, ssa, etc. And I used my maiden name throughout my marriage. I am now preparing to file for divorce. Do I use my maiden name and name on all my documents in my divorce application or do I have to use my spouse`s last name on the marriage certificate? Macomb County, Michigan TIA Want to make sure all your assets are covered, but did you know that not all real estate can be inherited in a will? Each airline has a different policy when it comes to changing your name for their frequent flyer programs, so call the individual airlines you have accounts with. You may need to send a copy of your marriage certificate by mail or fax. And if you`re traveling on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding day, don`t forget to book the ticket under your maiden name. No, unless you open a joint account.

Otherwise, you can keep your accounts unchanged and separate. Then I wanted to change my driver`s license, but I realized that everything had to be done WITHIN 30 days. Your insurance broker can help you change your name to things like your auto or home insurance, and your workplace human resources department can help you update the life insurance plans you have as part of your job. If you have health insurance through a state or federal agency, or if you have health insurance directly through an insurance agency — not through an employer — let them know you`ve changed your name. Some DMVs may only require your marriage certificate, while others may require a copy of your new Social Security card.