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As it becomes more and more popular, SNS have a special “coming zone” to easily see what to expect and what draws will open soon. The sign-up process itself seems to be well set up without the need for an account that allows you to get started and participate very quickly, although it seems a bit pointless to click on the shoe in the exit section, go to a product page, and then go to the draw. I think a click on the shoe should lead directly to the draw. What`s great is that SNS offers raffles for online users and in-store collection in one place, meaning you don`t have to run to check which draw you`re entering, as some stores have separate pages for online and in-store, which becomes confusing. What I find pretty bad is that you can`t cancel your listing while the sweepstakes is still open, this should be a basic feature in case people get into financial trouble during the entry phase or you win elsewhere, which is what retailers should expect for coveted versions. There was a recent issue where SNS accidentally said they got the Yeezy 350 v2 reflective pairs, but then changed and said they weren`t reflective a few hours later, meaning a lot of people were defending a shoe they didn`t want, and SNS couldn`t cancel the entries. This needs to be fixed.twitter.com/sneakersnstuff/status/1075405388630159362When the entry process sometimes seems to fall flat, is the payment authorization that occurs on the first entry, most often users complain about failed payment methods when the sweepstakes are first published, so sometimes it is better to wait an hour or so for the traffic rush to pass. Which can be annoying if you`re the type who likes to start early and move on. There are a few sweepstakes that put an authorization fee on the card, but SNS doesn`t.

Usually, the winners of the draw are selected the day before the shoe is scheduled to be released. If you win, you will receive a push notification informing you that you have won. In addition, your raffle status will change to “Winner”. I just found this, I participated in a draw that ended today, and it says I did not participate, there is nothing closed and nothing in my safe. Does it just mean that something is disrupted and I no longer participate in the draw, or is it a normal incident when a draw ends? If you entered the online prize draw, your payment method will be verified for credit when the winners are drawn, and then charged when we ship the shoes (usually 1-3 days after the draw). If you entered for in-store pickup, you pay in-store. You do not need to use the same method you used to enter the draw. NO, you cannot enter the prize draw more than once. Also, you cannot log out of your account and log in under another account to re-enter.

There is only one input per device. If you unsubscribe, you may lose your ad. Happy reading? Check out our other raffle rankings or upcoming sneaker releases. Shiekh wants to offer its customers the best shopping experience. If there is a high demand for a shoe, we choose to draw lots for the shoe instead of selling it on a first-come, first-served basis. All draws will take place via the Shiekh app. To enter an in-store sweepstakes, visit a participating Shiekh store and scan the QR code of the draw using the Shiekh app. By offering online and collectible raffles for almost any outing, those within reach of an SNS store can get better odds by betting that most people are lazy and opt for the online wallet raffle (which are worldwide, so expect low odds for those). But what SNS has recently started is that those who participate in raffles and take L`s have exclusive access to uncollected pairs, which I think is a great idea instead of just lining up pairs for FCFS to eat bots. I think more retailers should follow this idea to give users a second chance at profit. Overall, the SNS experience is pretty standard, very basic solutions to try and stop mass entry, and the odds can be very good if you`re based in an SNS store. I feel like with not too much extra work, they could easily become one of the best raffle sites if they spent time innovating some of the great methods they`ve already tried but abandoned.

I have won 7 raffles on SNS since August (after a 20-month drought after my first victory). They don`t charge (or more accurately, an authorization on your card that locks up money) unless you win. And you can cancel at any time before the start of the draw. SNS is completely secure. The winners will be drawn at random. No previous purchase is required to become a winner. The odds of winning the prize draw vary depending on the number of entries and the amount of inventory available. My boyfriend and I keep having the same argument about the raffle system on SNS, I keep telling him that SNS is a raffle and only charges if you win, but he doesn`t believe me, can you all help me?? I got a call from my bank saying they were trying a fee for a raffle shoe, so I authorized it because I know what I was buying for and entered a raffle. The SNS raffle page states that I will not receive my raffle prize if your bank declines the fees. Since my bank didn`t technically decline the fees, will I still win the draw? I have a question, I delete my payment in the sns app. The problem is that I can`t specify my PayPal as a payment option.

Pls I need help Since 1991, Shiekh Shoes has been a long-standing family business. We believe it is a privilege to be an authorized supplier for some of the world`s leading brands. We are proud to distribute these products to our local community. We strive to provide a great shopping experience in our stores, on our website and in our app. Not only do we work with leading companies like ParameterX, but we have also developed technology to stop robots, foreign buyers and resellers so that we can serve our customers directly. As much as we`d love to sell everyone a limited edition product, you know we`re working hard to make sure our loyal customers get the first and only Dibs on it.