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I have practical experience in employment tribunals across the UK and have a keen interest in the field. My role at MM Legal is to provide quality employment legal advice in a way that suits our clients. Our firm uses technology to provide clear and concise legal advice to those who need it most. WHY CHOOSE US? We strive to provide our clients with efficient and effective legal services at an affordable price. To this end, each of our lawyers focuses on a limited number of specific areas. A LAW FIRM FOR ALL YOUR LEGAL NEEDS Specialist – Responsive – Accessible – Affordable – Creative MYM Solicitors is an established law firm with an office in Slough, an experienced and dynamic law firm of lawyers and lawyers providing legal advice. A team of experts, dedicated and experienced lawyers, lawyers, consultants, articling students, paralegals and administrators, who put the needs of their clients at the centre of their professional assistance and advice. The MYM Solicitors team deals with all areas of law, including immigration, personal injury, transfer of property, whether commercial or personal, leases or licenses, employment, family, divorce, domestic violence, children, finance, traffic offences, housing allowances, defamation or defamation, and criminal offences or litigation with a cost-effective and efficient service, taking a professional, calm and sensitive approach to handling legal matters. of our customers.

With the customer in mind, our trained and established employees strive to provide you with the best possible service. Our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction, which is achieved through the use of highly qualified employees. MM Law Firm is dedicated to protecting corporate clients according to the principle of “wisdom of law and business thinking”, adheres to providing optimized legal solutions to our corporate clients, champions the concept of “corporate legal risk management” and highlights laws as strategic business assets by integrating laws into business operations and management, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Fiona attended Stafford Girls High School and Walton High School. Not the best student and certainly not the most committed! Fiona left school at the age of 16 and worked as an office assistant for a local law firm. MM~LAW`s success in bringing banks and companies that finance and support terrorists to justice and in obtaining compensation for victims of terrorism has made it one of the most successful counter-terrorism and human rights enterprises in the world. For his work in developing legal theory and legislative solutions that have enabled victims of terrorism to hold to account banks that enable terrorist financing, MM~LAW`s founding partner, Gavi Mairone, was named “Litigator of the Year” by the Public Justice Foundation in 2016. I believe that my position at MM Legal allows me to offer competent legal advice in the most practical way.

MM Legal is a forward-thinking law firm in Scotland and we want to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process. MM Legal relies on WhatsApp groups and other technologies to facilitate communication between client and lawyer. In 2001, MM~LAW dedicated itself to the exclusive representation of victims of international terrorism in emergencies and created its Research Group on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism, a unique research department dedicated to legal and operational research mainly in Arabic and Farsi, but also in English, French, German, Hebrew, Kurdish, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish. MM~LAW has become a world leader in documenting the financing of international terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, torture, human trafficking and slavery. Currently, MM~LAW represents more than 19,000 victims of these heinous crimes in complex civil proceedings against international financial and trade institutions and designated states that sponsor terrorism and their co-conspirators involved, participating, aiding, aiding, aiding, aiding, encouraging, financing or profiting from such crimes. MM~LAW is a Chicago-based victim advocacy firm with global reach and offices in East Africa and the Middle East. As a professional partnership firm, MM Law Firm specializes in serving various types of businesses. Our practices include enterprise risk management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, cross-border financing, investment and corporate finance projects, real estate and construction projects, etc. She started working as a paralegal for a private client and is working on her qualifications in this area.

Fiona moved to London at the age of 18 and worked for a number of law firms as a PA. When I`m not writing wills or mediation, I enjoy spending time with horses and dogs. As a child, there were only black and white televisions with very limited programs. Fiona`s favorite was The Woodentops and she loved Spot the Dog. Mr. Gong Wei holds a law degree from Jinan University. Where does this information come from? Most of the information on this page comes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, some information may have been processed directly by the professional, the company or its representative. Learn more. Away from the office, Carole spends time with her family, walks with her grandchildren and takes her dog for long walks in the countryside. Heather also participates in the overall administrative work within the company and ensures the smooth running of the office.

Over the past 9 years, I have gained extensive experience working with private clients. I cover guardianships, wills, execution of wills, powers of attorney, residential transfers and private client work. I enjoy working with adults with disabilities to find a solution as quickly as possible. Lord. Qiu Ye graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University and Southwest University of Political Science and Law as a Master of Laws and has received the qualification of Securities Professional (with basic knowledge of You can be sure that Fiona will provide you with the expertise you need in the following areas:| If you have a problem, let`s work together and find a solution. Mr. Zheng Chaopeng holds a bachelor`s degree in Laws.Mr from Zengcheng College, South China Normal University. Mr. Zheng obtained his legal professional qualification in 2012 and worked in the law firm as a year. Before becoming a lawyer in Scotland, I worked in both the NHS and the private sector for 33 years. It allowed me to understand what seniors and their families are facing. It sparked my passion for helping others.

It is extremely important that you receive accurate and pragmatic advice at an early stage. Fiona litigates decisively but fairly, Fiona strives to ensure that clients receive accurate advice that is not always pleasant to hear. âš Is it your data? If you would like to change your information on Find a Solicitor or provide other feedback on the website, please call 020 7320 5757 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 at local rates) or visit our contact page. My experience working in-house in human resources for large companies such as Teleperformance and Turning Point Scotland allows me to offer a unique perspective. I have experience with SSSC`s regulatory requirements and the balance between them and labour law. At the age of 25, Fiona returned to Staffordshire to start her family. Breathe, relax and be content with your world. Heather joined us in October 2021 from the private sector, where she was an experienced administrative assistant. Carole joined MMLegal in July 2019. She has over 20 years of experience in the legal sector and has extensive experience in the areas of transfer of ownership, executive administration and guardianship.

Carole quickly became the key to the smooth running of MMLegal`s busy office. RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE EMPLOYMENT LAW & HRPRIVATE CLIENT Dotty arrived in November 2018 and is Fiona`s furry baby. Since completing a Master`s degree in Human Resource Management and obtaining the Law Society Regulated Lawyer designation, I have become an experienced senior lawyer. M. Song Tingyu holds a Bachelor of Laws from Changzhi University and obtained his legal professional qualification in November 2014. Discover your values and align your life accordingly. Ms. Wu Shuwen graduated from Macau University in 2018 with a Master`s degree in International and Comparative Law. At 40, Fiona decided it was time for a real career.

Fiona enrolled at Staffordshire University and completed her law degree and legal practice course. Mr. Yang Lei graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in Zhuhai in 2013 with a Bachelor of Laws and obtained the Professional Legal Qualification and College English Test-6 qualification in college. “We take these truths for granted, that all men are created equal.” Ms. Li Jianzhuan graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a double degree of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (English). She obtained the professional legal qualification in 2005, no doubt your friends and family will want to help you and give you information. Some of the information provided will be accurate, but some information is based on previous experience (which may be outdated), the latest soap opera, or a general internet search. Dr. Wu Youming, Director of MM Law Firm, graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and Wuhan University as a Doctor of Law and is a National Lawyer of First Degree (Senior Counsel), Senior Co Outside the office, you can find Heather spending time with her horses and dogs. I specialise in Scottish employment law and have experience in contentious and out-of-court labour law.