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, a stilletto or any knife.. What I mean is a stiletto heel or a knife. 4 inches or more. Stiletto seems to be grouped with each knife. not grouped with Dirk or Schaltblatt. There is the blade length for dirk and switching blade of an inch and a half of edge part, then a (,) then a stiletto, any knife …. Reading this a. stiletto (single-edged edge) is therefore legal under 4″Knowledge of the laws on knives in a particular state is of the utmost importance in order to stay safe from trouble. Some states may have rules favorable to knives, while others have rigid laws. The state of Connecticut has somewhat tricky knife laws that make it even more important for you to understand them. There are different legal defenses against knife allegations. People accused of violating knife laws can talk to their legal counsel about the following strategies to use as a defense: Under Connecticut law, a person can carry an automatic knife because the blade does not exceed 1 1/2 inches. A switching knife or automatic knife with a blade length greater than 1 1/2 inch is strictly prohibited in the state of Connecticut.

It is 100% legal to carry a Balisong knife as long as the Balisong is less than 4 inches long. A Balisong is not a switching blade (there is no switch that opens it) or an automatic knife (there is no spring that opens it, you have to slide your wrist). “Lethal weapon” means any weapon, whether loaded or unloaded, from which a shot can be fired, or a switching blade knife, gravity knife, billy, blackjack, club or metal ankle. The definition of “lethal weapon” in this subdivision does not apply to sections 29-38 or 53-206; I would say yes, if it is a small child, they are too inexperienced to play with knives or weapons until the person has the right experience with a knife, they should not play with them So could I carry a pocket knife under 4″? What about making custom knives for people who may have no other category than “the knife in this game”? Once this is done, what about transport to the customer Among the dozens of knives I own/collect, I decide to “wear” a Ridge Runner neck knife, the “edgy” look is exactly “3 and is not “double-edged”, which is illegal to wear in CT. I carry the open knife around my neck instead of carrying/attaching a knife to my belt or bag. I find that this knife and the way to wear it seem to intimidate some people I meet, or at the counter of a store, etc etc. What worries me now is the part above that says “knives that have no other purpose than to sting”. Could you explain that to me in more detail? Although I have never felt the need to use the knife defensively, I carry it because of it. But.

I have used it several times to open packages, boxes, etc. In your opinion, do you think that a knife like mine would be considered by a police officer to be one of those who are described as having no other use than to stab? What is meant by “any knife whose angular part of the blade is four inches or more long”? Is the length along the curve or a straight line from the base to the top or the longest line perpendicular to the base? It can make a big difference. My utility knife has a blade less than 3.5″ when measured straight, but when measured along the edge, it is longer than 4″. And one more thing. My boss may carry a handgun hidden in the machine shop, which makes some of my colleagues and I nervous, but I can`t carry a knife that`s more than 4 inches. There is something very bad about the laws here! The legality of a knife depends on the type of knife and how some states classify it. Some states classify butterfly knives as switching blades, daggers, or gravimeters, so it`s illegal to possess them in these areas. What determines whether a knife is only used for stabbing? I wear a fixed blade of less than 4″ without gears (spit crkt). Is this only taken into account for stitches or is it okay? I didn`t feel like reading the reviews to see if they were answered, but how old do you have to be to buy a knife? And if you have a butterfly knife with a 4-inch blade, is it legal to wear it or not? That is not what the law says about computed tomography.

It is one or the other. A single angular knife must be less than 4″ of the SHARP PART of the blade. Or something double-edged (Dirk & switch engraving) must be under one and a half. I don`t care. Fixed, folder.hidden, not cocalized. On your belt… Neck NOTE: go yo CT gov web & copy the law and CARRY with you. many police officers do NOT know the law!! You can show them respectfully. (Years ago, the policeman asked for 4 fingers. told him 4 inches. EDGE PART OF THE BLADE.

Technically, riccasso does not include . Some policemen say handle, guard, flu. That`s not what the law says, I always wear a 3-3/4 Max, so no problems Connecticut`s knife laws are very nice. There is no specific knife that is illegal, and the restrictions only apply to the carrying of knives. Mick Johnson: Don`t wear a knife around your neck with the intention of intimidating yourself. If someone intends you to hurt, you told them you have a gun, and if someone doesn`t intend to hurt you, you`re just bullying normal nice people. If you are trying to defend yourself, carry a knife in your pocket. You will not intimidate nice people and if you have to defend yourself, the surprise will be there. I don`t see this sentence in the Statute?. I think it was the author of this page who tried to explain the meaning of the law. fundamentally. Double-edged switching blade (Dirk), gravity, 1 1/2 and more.

a .no no. With a single edge. Any knife of 4″ or more.a No no. unless you have a hunting fishing licence. it`s not bad..