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I`m thinking about getting an Odin`s Eye from AG Russell for my wife.it`s a very small, slightly less than 1 3/4 inch long, double-edged, less than an ounce attached to a dagger handbag.no, to cut self-defense.fits a finger. I wonder if it is legal. Mahalo In Russia, switching blades (rus. автоматический нож, выкидной нож, пружинный нож) are illegal only if the length of their blade is more than 9 centimeters (about 3.5 inches) – this is an illegal weapon and a fine of 500-2000 Russian rubles (about 8-30 dollars) and the removal of the knife only for carrying (Article 20.8 of the Criminal Code of Russia), but not for illegal purchase and possession (storage at home or elsewhere). Only self-production and sale of knives (rus. холодное оружие) is a crime in Russia (both of these crimes are punishable by: Part 4 Article 222 and Part 4 Article 223 of the Russian Criminal Code). If the blade is less than 9 centimeters, anyone (even if people under the age of 18, with a criminal history or mental illness) can buy, possess and hide such a blade without a license (open carrying of weapons or things that resemble a weapon in human settlements; with the exception of police officers). But even in this case, it is recommended that people carry an official certificate (type approval) (which is usually in a box with a purchased knife), which proves that it is not a melee weapon and is not limited to transport, in which case knives with a length of more than 9 cm are also sometimes allowed. [34] [35] [36] [37] In South Korea, any knife that automatically opens at more than 45 degrees at the push of a button and whose blade is greater than 5.5 centimeters is subject to registration. To legally register and possess the knife, you must be over 20 years of age, have no criminal record, and be in good physical and mental health. The registration process is carried out at nearby police stations. However, if the owner of the knife does not have a hunting license, it is generally forbidden to carry the knife in public.

Any type of self-opening knife or blade tool that can be opened with one hand (including any one-handed knife that has been deactivated by removing its opening mechanism) is illegal to possess or possess. Multi-tools with one-handed opening blades are also illegal to own or possess. Manually open one-handed knives are legal. [16] Despite this difference in function, the penal codes of many countries treat the assisted opening knife as a prohibited weapon like the Switchblade. In the United States, people have sometimes been arrested or prosecuted by state law enforcement for carrying knives with opening aid, which have been defined as illegal switching blades. [6] [7] [8] An attempt to criminalize the sale of spring knives by federal law enforcement agencies was prevented by a 2009 amendment from the United States (Amendment 1447) to 15 U.S.C. §1244. This amendment provides that the Switching Blade Knives Act does not apply to spring-loaded or assisted-opening knives (i.e., knives whose springs are deformed by the shutter and which require physical force applied to the blade to facilitate the opening of the knife). [9] Double-edged knives (daggers) are also illegal in Hawaii, although this has been questioned due to the large number of dive knives. What happens if I have a Trainer Balisong knife? Is it still considered an illegal knife due to gravitational inertia/aperture? The daughter of my honorary college student athlete was arrested by the TSA in Honolulu and is charged with a felony for a self-defense cat keychain. Many honolulu lawyers have told me that many good children are arrested or charged for this. My daughter had been hunted down and persecuted, I gave her this object, I had no idea it was illegal.

ASDs in other states simply take the item or have it placed in their abandoned bag. Why does the TSA in Hawaii turn good children into criminals for this self-defense object? Why does the Hawaii Sheriff`s Department support this? Nevertheless, she could have easily carried a hidden knife. I need to find other people who have been charged in HawaiiPlease contact me if you have had similar experiences or know someone who can help you usMauraalohaqb@yahoo.com Why make them illegal? Firm-sounding knives are common. The operation of one hand is a handrail. Under Hawaiian law, it is illegal to use double-edged blades or a knife with a blade larger than 6.5 inches. The ability to purchase or wear paddle shift blades or automatic knives continues to be severely restricted or banned in much of Europe, with a few notable exceptions. In the UK, the foldable type of switching blade is commonly referred to as a folding knife. In the UK, it is almost impossible to legally acquire or transport knives with an automated opening system.

Although they can be legally detained, it is illegal to manufacture, sell, rent, give, lend or import such knives. This definition would nominally limit legal ownership to “grandfathered” automatic knives that were already in the possession of their owner before the adoption of the applicable law in 1959. Even if such a knife is legally in possession, carrying it in public without just cause or legal authority is also illegal under applicable UK law. Over the years, state court decisions have expanded the initial scope of switchblade laws, either by reclassifying automatic single-edged pocket knives with short, universal blades as illegal “dirks or daggers,” or by redefining otherwise legal hand-operated pocket knives with locked blades as a prohibited gravity knife, a movement knife or switching blade. [54] [55] [56] People who used knives considered prohibited, for example in their work or self-defence, or who did not have the means to afford adequate legal representation, particularly racial minorities, were disproportionately affected by the capricious application of these laws. [57] Note that this is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer. Talk to a lawyer in Hawaii if you need help. There could also be laws on city knives. Under Part III of the Criminal Code, it is illegal to possess, import, sell, buy, trade or wear a blade on a person that opens automatically by gravity or centrifugal force or by manual pressing a button, spring or other device in or attached to the knife handle. These are forbidden weapons (poor defended). [17] While some companies may be licensed to acquire and possess prohibited weapons such as circuit sheets for use as props in film productions, these exceptions do not apply to individuals.

The Negative Public Reputation of the Switchblade as a tool of the juvenile offender, derived from sensational media coverage in the 1950s, has been enshrined in the penal codes of many states, and some of these laws persist to this day. Thus, in some States, the possession or carrying of an auto-opening knife or switch blade may become illegal in certain circumstances solely because of its aesthetic design or appearance, or simply because of its use as a weapon. [50] [51] [52] For example, switched blade knives whose blade shape was originally designed to stab or push, such as Dirk, Dolch, Dagger or Stiletto, are automatically considered “lethal weapons” (i.e., knives designed or specially adapted to be used as a weapon to inflict death or serious bodily injury). [53] If the butterfly knife does not have a cutting edge, such as a trainer (inclined on both sides), it is legal to wear it, but it may be a prohibited item that can be carried on board an aircraft. It`s good to put it in your luggage. Is it illegal to play with or have coach`s butterfly knives? Is it still considered a knife? I mean, I understand that it`s illegal to own it, but a knife is always a knife, whether it`s a Balisong or a Switchblade, the only thing that makes the Switchblade or Balisong bad are people trying to use the knife to cause bodily harm or death. But to face the truth, any knife can be used to cause bodily harm or death, regardless of the size of the blade. In Italy, the switching blade or self-opening knife (coltello a scatto) is generally defined as an arma bianca (offensive weapon) rather than a tool. Although the purchase of adult knives is legal, these knives cannot be transported outside one`s own property or carried on the person, nor concealed or discovered, nor transported in a motor vehicle in which the knife is accessible to the driver or passenger. [24] [25] The Italian Ministry of the Interior has warned that switching blade knives are considered offensive weapons in their own right. [26] If you`re wondering which knife really isn`t controversial or illegal to carry, here`s a great one with a connection to Hawaii! This is the 3-in-1 tactical pocket knife of the U.S. Army`s Hawaii Garrison.